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Meet the Mad Tasting Team

At the heart of Mad Tasting is a passionate team of culinary explorers, each bringing their unique expertise and unwavering dedication to uncovering the world’s most extraordinary flavors. Get to know the visionaries behind our venture:

Antonio Rossi – Founder and Chief Tasting Officer

As the founder of Mad Tasting, Antonio brings a lifetime of culinary experience and an insatiable appetite for adventure. With an unparalleled palate and a deep understanding of food science, he leads our team on a relentless quest to discover the most captivating flavors from around the globe. From the hidden street food stalls of Bangkok to the artisanal producers of Tuscany, Antonio’s infectious enthusiasm and boundless curiosity fuel our mission to share the world’s most remarkable tastes.

Caterina Ferretti – Head of Product Development

Caterina’s background as a food scientist and innovative chef makes her the perfect driving force behind our product development. With a keen eye for detail and a relentless pursuit of perfection, she works tirelessly to curate our collection of extraordinary ingredients, beverages, and culinary experiences. From sourcing the rarest spices to collaborating with master artisans, Caterina’s passion for elevating the culinary landscape is evident in every new discovery that graces our shelves.

Francesca Bianchi – Director of Content and Storytelling

As the visionary behind our captivating content, Francesca brings a unique blend of culinary expertise and journalistic flair. With a deep appreciation for the cultural histories and artisanal traditions that shape the world’s most remarkable flavors, she weaves together engaging narratives that transport our audience to the heart of each culinary experience. Whether she’s chronicling the centuries-old techniques of a Sicilian cheese maker or uncovering the personal stories of our producers, Francesca’s storytelling prowess is the driving force behind our mission to connect people through food.

Giovanni Conti – Chief Tasting Evangelist

As our Chief Tasting Evangelist, Giovanni is the charismatic face of Mad Tasting, inspiring a sense of culinary wonder in all who encounter our brand. With a boundless enthusiasm for the art of tasting and a gift for captivating audiences, Giovanni leads our immersive tasting experiences and workshops, empowering food enthusiasts to discover the true depth and complexity of the flavors we celebrate. Whether he’s guiding a private group through a blind tasting or hosting a masterclass on the art of pairing, Giovanni’s infectious passion for the culinary world is the driving force behind our mission to share the extraordinary.

Together, this dynamic team of culinary pioneers is committed to elevating the global food landscape, one extraordinary flavor at a time. Join us on this delicious journey as we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of taste.